Advantages of Working with IM&P

We are committed to providing comprehensive family wealth planning and investment management guidance for individuals, multi-generational families, trusts, and estates. Our goal is to help clients create and grow wealth, preserve and protect wealth, distribute wealth in the most tax efficient manner during their lifetime and distribute wealth in the most tax efficient manner at death. In addition to providing the same level of expertise and service formerly available only to institutional clients, we offer:

  • Qualified, Diverse Experienced and Credentialed Professionals
  • Innovative Family Wealth Solutions
  • Absolute Confidentiality
  • Absolute Unbiased Advice and Counsel

Our Strategic Alliances

Investment Management & Planning, LLC has entered into various strategic alliances with established professionals (examples include attorneys, accountants, banks, trust companies, and mortgage brokers) to seamlessly provide comprehensive wealth services and solutions to clients.