Our Firm provides comprehensive fee-based wealth management services to corporate executives, professionals, business owners and other affluent clients through LPL Financial. We utilize a team approach in analyzing and planning a client’s investment portfolio, estate plan, cash flow, income taxes, and retirement. Recommendations are based solely on your specific needs, circumstances and goals. The partners are Certified Financial Planners with over 40 years’ combined planning and investing experience. All are active members of the Financial Planning Association and other professional organizations.

Our Mission is to partner with clients to establish and pursue financial goals through comprehensive planning and management of investment assets. Our purpose is to help build, manage and preserve wealth. We put our clients’ interests first, act with integrity and honesty, and strive for excellence in every facet of our practice. Our success is not measured by performance statistics but rather by our clients’ success.

Our Clients share in the realization that by coordinating and managing today’s financial decisions the can work towards their goals for tomorrow. They are individuals and businesses who expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to achieving it themselves. Our clients usually want to simplify their lives, and are willing to enter into a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial. They are highly motivated to work with a professional advisor, not a sales representative.

Our Philosophy is to provide our clients with the knowledge, assistance and service to pursue their financial and life goals through an individualized and comprehensive financial planning process. The entire staff of Investment Management & Planning, LLC is firmly committed to this philosophy.

Investment Management & Planning, LLC seeks to build and preserve client wealth. Through client-specific financial analysis and investment research, our services are designed to help secure our clients’ financial well-being for the long-term. As investment managers, we are dedicated to delivering advice in a manner that is both confidential and consistent with our clients’ needs.

A Service Orientation

Service and personal attention are the hallmark of Investment Management & Planning, LLC. It is the defining quality that sets us apart from our competition. The personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients starts with an initial meeting that identifies needs, objectives, and risk tolerances. Thereafter, we develop a plan and illustrate our investment process, philosophy, and portfolio design. Once we have agreed upon an appropriate portfolio, we implement our recommendations.

In short, Investment Management & Planning, LLC is service-oriented, not sales-oriented. Our ongoing attention to the composition and performance of clients’ portfolios, and our frequent communication with each of our clients, distinguishes Investment Management & Planning, LLC as a truly client-focused firm.

Financial Planning

We believe in the financial planning process. This is the process of identifying goals, gathering and reviewing financial data, and designing and implementing a plan to help clients pursue their goals. It is a lifelong process. Once the plan is in place, it needs to be monitored, reviewed and updated to meet dynamic circumstances. Not everyone needs to have a written comprehensive financial plan. Everyone, however, can benefit from the financial planning process.


There is no one particular investment portfolio that is appropriate for all individual investors. The optimal portfolio will depend on the amount and timing of cash flow needs, tax considerations and market conditions. Investment decisions should be based, therefore, on the client’s objectives. Through that process, crucial factors such as appropriate levels of risk and return are derived and optimized to work toward those objectives.

Investment Planning

Investing is only one component of financial planning, though certainly an important one. We believe that an investment policy and asset allocation can be designed only after the initial financial planning process is complete and a target return is established. We allocate assets among the major classes of cash, stocks, bonds and real estate. Stocks are divided between domestic and foreign and large and small capitalization. We further divide domestic stocks into growth and value styles. Bonds are divided by short, intermediate and long-term duration. We use Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for the real estate component of a plan.

Investment Policy

We believe in developing client-specific investment strategies that emphasize diversified asset allocation. Each client has a personalized Investment Policy Statement, which outlines the strategy just right for that individual.

Tax Sensitivity

Taxes represent a significant consideration for every long-term investor. By minimizing income taxes, investors retain more wealth to help meet their goals. We exercise care in the appropriate placement of investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts. For example, we generally place index and tax-managed vehicles in taxable accounts and higher turnover investments in tax-deferred accounts. However, tax considerations do not dominate our portfolio management process.